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Anno 2070 deep ocean reloaded crack only

anno 2070 deep ocean reloaded crack only

The most powerful tool of the future canon 5d mark iii camera manual forces the world of 2070 to expand their explorations into the deep blue sea, becoming the focus of gameplay, underwater plateaus setting offers new industries and large production chains and formerly unknown resources.
Nuclear power plant: Energy production increased to 750.
About the bionic suits: they make the Geniuses completely happy and they generate massive taxes.The category "T-junction" is replaced by "Water channel end fitting harbor".Nano ozone-stabilizer: Energy requirements increased to 250, maintenance costs increased to 500, influence area increased to 50 (The values are frank herbert's dune game now the same as for "Keeper.0" or "Guardian.0.(Building costs are the same as for the Container Ship).All ornamental buildings of the Engineers, Executives and Geniuses now also have links to neighbouring residential buildings of the same version.It has to be built under water and it generates a whopping 750 energy!A new category "Water basin" has been added and includes 14 new elements that can be build on land.Release Date and Price Edit October 4th, 2012, was the great day when Deep Ocean was released.An issue is fixed where quests in the world event "The Neo Skullz Crises" did not accept the shipyards for fulfilment.Ships can move below these bridges.The lighting effects of the "Deep sea Immunity drug manufacturers" have been overhauled.All ornamental building versions of the residential buildings are now available in "ornaments II" of the respective faction.