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Battlestar galactica the resistance webisode

battlestar galactica the resistance webisode

However, Number Five gives Jammer a keycard to access the detention center should he change his mind.
The webisodes were not included in the Region 2 set but were included in the Region 4 sore to the core pdf DVD set (Season 4, Part 1 and 2013 mazdaspeed3 service manual are present on all Blu-Ray versions.
Webisode 7 September 26, 2006, when Jammer is captured by the Cylons, Tigh worries that he will sell out the resistance, a view that is not shared by Tyrol.When asked about what the Cylons questioned him about, Jammer only responds that he did not tell the Cylons anything about the resistance.Jammer is torn about the event, since he believed storing weapons in a temple was a sin.The webisodes can be viewed through the official site.When Tigh seems unconcerned about the potential for civilian casualties, Jammer leaves the room and joins Duck outside.Episode 251, webisode 1, sep 5, 2006.Oct 5, 2006, jammer and Duck make fateful decisions about their futures on New Caprica.Episode 254, webisode 4, sep 14, 2006, cally and Nora visit the temple; a Cylon reprisal leads to tragedy.Webisode 4 September 14, 2006, cally and Nora are visiting the temple when Cylons arrive at the temple, presumably to look for the weapons hidden there by the resistance, and open fire after being met with resistance by civilians in the temple.The Resistance was first aired on September 5, 2006 and had 2 subsequent webisodes posted every week through October.Episodes: *These 10 webisodes are not individual standalone-stories, but were written as one truncated episode filmed, and then cut into 10 segments.In particular, the Webisodes chronicle Duck's and Jammer's motivations to become suicide-bomber and collaborator, respectively.Sep 7, new puzzle games for pc full version 2006, jammer balks when Tigh's latest order violates his moral code.
As such, the entire webisode series is one story and therefor should be watched in sequence!
Sep 21, 2006, tigh and Jammer debate the ethics of endangering innocents during wartime.