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Braeburn 5300 user manual

braeburn 5300 user manual

If your system cycles too often, raise your differential setting to a higher degree.
The display is flashing the da patch liga zon sagres para pes 2010 word UV or humid.Press and hold the return button for a few seconds.Check your user manual for specific instructions.Please see the installer manual.Does my thermostat require batteries?What does this mean and how do I remove it?When in Emergency Heat mode your heat pump compressor will not be activate.The thermostat display reads "-AC what does this mean?Most gas furnaces have a short warm up period before the fan will come on and circulate the warm air throughout your ductwork.The temperature sensed by the thermostat is lower than the 40 F (4 C) lower limit of the thermostats display range.If your thermostat requires batteries, use only type "AA" alkaline frutiger bold condensed mac batteries.For service, call your installer or local heating/cooling contractor.If you select the circulating fan mode your system fan will come on for 12 minutes at a user selectable interval of system off time.When configured for an electric furnace the fan comes on immediately when there is a call for heat.This condition could occur from the system being turned off during an exceptionally warm period or upon installation when the thermostat has been stored for a long period of time in a warm vehicle or location prior to being installed.Turn on the heating system or use other methods to raise the temperature.For as long as hold appears in the display the thermostat will not change the set-point temperature unless you adjust it yourself with the up or down arrow buttons.My heating system (furnace) functions intermittently or doesn't always reach my set point temperature before turning off.The feature can be set for 0 (off) 180 or 365 days.
Gas furnaces need a couple minutes of warm up time before the fan runs.
Replace the batteries and move the system switch to the heat position and then try running your heating system (furnace) again.