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Casio fx-991es manuale italiano

casio fx-991es manuale italiano

Casio FX-991ES User Guide - Page.are two stat editor screen formats, depending on the type of statistical calculation you selected.
Line 14/0*2 Press e.
Formats Supported for S-D Transformation S-D transformation can be used to transform a displayed decimal calculation result to one of the forms described below.
Do this: Display the Distr sub-menu of commands for normal distribution calculations cambridge iowa pumpkin patch For more information, see "Distr Sub-menu".Example: log3 '.and Number of Significant Digits You can specify a fixed number of decimal places and significant digits for the calculation result.K Matrix Menu Items The following are.The Math format is selected does not switch to the overwrite mode.K Performing Vector Calculations To perform a vector calculation, display the vector calculation screen by pressing the A key.The "Bytes" column shows the number of bytes of memory that are used up by input.K Turning Power On and Off Press O to turn on the calculator.K Supported Function Types Except for the X variable, other.This registers the value and displays.K Equation Types An equation type.The default angle unit is degrees.Casio Europe GmbH Bornbarch 10, 22848 Norderstedt, Germany.The calculator is in the matrix Mode.The values and expressions you can input on the coefficient editor screen are the same as those you can input in the comp Mode with Linear format.E-58 Casio FX-991ES User Guide - Page.Vector calculation results are stored in a special Vector Answer Memory named "VctAns".
Keycap markings indicate what a key inputs or what function it performs.