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Charge it to the rap game ludacris

charge it to the rap game ludacris

He is one Ludacris that never had trouble selling record.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Below are our lists of the top 15 Hip Hop Artist.This industry is like a crack game.I had to learn that shit the hard way.Till you break up and a bitch wonder where her percentage.Fuckin' everything movin' thinkin' groupies will never do nothing back.Take it back to one of my first tours.But brand name pussy don't feel no different on my matresses.New music from Ludacris.And now is the time i blame it on the rap game.While these regular hoes are trying to play the trap game.Which verse is better?Insecure hoes with brest jobs and butt shots.Spend half a million just to prove a fucking point nigga We got the fans thinking rappers never lose Gave a producer a hundred grand for a beat i never use (Damn) The false stories and being mi"d in magazines Got a nigga wanting.Hard crack ribs during cpr to admit when shit don't go the way you plan.If you have any questions don't hesitate and contact.Verse 1, where do i begin, well, the industry shady not everybody is your friend.Ludacris is closing in on his album release day.While everybody's on Instagram just fronting like life is brand.Kick 'em out the hotel swearing i hit my finer things.
If you don't keep the music current then labels'll pull the plug (Get it).