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Colt automatic calibre 25 manual

colt automatic calibre 25 manual

Ithaca was one of the Wartime contract manufacturers suggesting a WW2 date for this example.
The Cartridge, john Browning asked William Morgan Thomas of the Union Metallic Cartridge Company (U.M.C.) to develop a new cartridge suitable for a small blowback operated vest pocket pistol. .In 1916 Colt engineer George Tansley invented a third safety feature for the pistol, the magazine safety disconnector, which prevented accidental firing with the magazine removed.Browning offered the diminutive pistol beleive in sandy game to Colts as early as 1904, but they turned him down, so he took the design to FN, who manufactured it as the Pistolet Browning.35mm. .In 1908, where it is known as the.25 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol).Fabrique Nationale de Herstal as the, fN Model 1906.3 Nazarian's Gun's Recognition Guide.Brownings patent depose, the Colt Model 1908 Hammerless, colts took up its option on the Browning Vest Pocket in 1906, the same year FN began production, but Colts prototype was not completed until late in 1907. .Weighing a mere 13 ounces, it is fed by a six-round single column magazine.The early trigger was a narrow, flat piece of machined metal, curved in front to fit the finger, with a smooth surface. .Weight: 1130g, length Overall: 216mm, cyclic Rate: semi-auto, length Barrel: 127mm.More elaborate grip options were also offered, such as Ivory (both plain and carved as well as mother of pearl.The second grip was identical except it eliminated the letter C behind the colt. .These are carefully detailed in Donald Simmons article The Littlest Colt Automatic Pistol.According to Vanderlinden, by the end of 1940, serial numbers had reached approximately 1,008,000. .Brownings patent, from 1907 through much of the 1930s the slide legend was in serif characters, with the word Depose added, to indicate that the patent had been registered: fabrique nationale darmes de guerre herstal belgique.The cartridge was introduced into the.S.25, 1896 APR.The gun was often popularly referred to as the Baby Browning, and when FN later created a new version they officially named it the Baby Browning and even put the word Baby on some of the early grips. .References edit 1 a b c d 2 Colt autos website.I wouldnt hazard an opinion, since FN is well known for very high standards of production and I dont have a Model 1906 for comparison purposes. .
According to Gangarosa, a total of approximately 1,080,439 were produced through 1944. .
However, there is no doubt that the Colt is extremely well made. .