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WW1 Imperial German Shooting Lanyard.
1914/15 Star Trio Yorks.I.In good, used condition with minor marking and staining to covers.19 Anti-Tank Gun - 25mm Hotchkiss.Gold bullion wire embroidered wreath surmounted by a lion and crown with gilt metal eagle superimposed.Divided in ship classes, also includes information on pennant numbers flags, aircraft markings etc.In this case, the user may still choose to upload the device's Custom Linearization table(s) as a separate operation.Published anonymously in 1945 by Louis Hagen a glider pilot of Jewish extraction who fought under the nom de guerre Lewis Haig.Parameter List Copy and Paste Copying and pasting values between parameter lists is now supported through the iTools Browse view.Exposed areas worn down to the nap of the cloth and bleached through exposure, concealed areas with full field grau colour and displaying original condition of cloth.In a good large size (Size 3).Comes with some research including medal rolls confirming bars.Changes since Version.55, changes since Version.00, changes since Version.76.WW1 Surgical canon pc 160 copier manual Manual ' War Surgery '.These examples were unfortunately, split from a Coldstream medal group.Souvenir Match Box Cover A popular regimental souvenir of the WW1 period this tin and celluloid match box cover features the badge of the Ox Bucks.I.With a 'Vero's patent' detachable headband the interior has the original owners name '4030740 Sgt.OSS Tyre spike or Caltrop.Liner is dated 1938, so a pre-war produced item.III further notes on field defences 1915 '.Good, clear images, mounted on board.A Hallmarked silver picture frame with the inscription ' Cober Hill Hospital Xmas 1917 from Lord Airedale ' containing a period picture of a nurse.Excellent condition with 90 of the silver wash remaining with light wear to high points.
Standard pattern nskk cap emblem for use on the service cap or dienstmutze.