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Cracked aluminum valve covers

cracked aluminum valve covers

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The switch to an aluminum valve cover happened at the same time as multi-port injection, which was for the 91 model year.
We wanted to enjoy the Jeep while we were gathering parts for the engine swap, but the oil slick it left in every parking space was both annoying and expensive due to constantly topping it off.If you don't understand a step, post a question.Keep in mind this swap works with only the AMC.5L and not the earlier.5L Iron Duke engines, which have tin valve covers anyway.Its c c3 patch v1.09 a much better gasket, and its designed to be used with the aluminum valve cover.Had we stuck with just a gasket and the valve cover, the whole shebang would have been less than.8, reinstall the painted valve cover onto the car, and replace all gaskets, seals, and bolts.Click here to share your story.Plastic valve covers are just a bad idea.Use a razor blade to carefully trim the masking tape so it fits correctly.Have all the correct parts before you start.Steps 1, remove the valve cover with a ratchet and a properly fitted socket.Deviating from a procedure is the first step to creating a problem.Correct your mistake immediately.One day, a friend wondered aloud if the aluminum valve cover from a later.5L would bolt in and replace the plastic one, so we decided to find out.