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Cs 1.6 tools steam for

cs 1.6 tools steam for

Func_break_max_pieces Default: 15 Client only command fx_new_sparks Default: 1 Use new style sparks.
Requires sv_cheats 1 snd_report_stop_sound Default: 0 If set to 1, report all sounds stopped with S_StopSound.
Snd_setmixer Set named Mixgroup of current mixer to mix vol, mute, solo.Txt system (server only) Client only command cl_soundemitter_reload Flushes the sounds.Sv_shutdown Sets the server to shutdown when all games have completed sv_skyname Default: sky_urb01 Current name of the skybox texture Client only command sv_soundemitter_reload Flushes the sounds.Requires sv_cheats 1 Server only ai_show_hints Displays all hints as small boxes Blue - hint is available for use Red - hint is currently being used by an NPC Orange - hint not being used by timed out Grey - hint has been disabled Requires.Render_blanks render N blank frames report Radio command report_cliententitysim Default: 0 List all clientside simulations and time - will report and turn itself off.Client only command Default: 4 Min: 0, Max: 8 Length of time grenade trajectory remains visible as a spectator.Requires sv_cheats 1 Server only nav_corner_raise Raise the selected corner of the currently marked Area.Arguments: npc_name / npc class_name / no argument picks what player is looking at Requires sv_cheats 1 Server only npc_create Creates trial bike full games pc an NPC of the given type where the player is looking (if the given NPC can actually stand at that location).Removeid Remove a user ID from the ban list.Modified in v sv_max_queries_sec_global Default: 500 Maximum queries per second to respond to from anywhere.Requires sv_cheats 1 Client only command gameinstructor_verbose Default: 0 Set to 1 for standard debugging or 2 (in combo with gameinstructor_verbose_lesson) to show update actions.Disp_list_all_collideable List all collideable displacements display_elapsedtime Displays how much time has elapsed since the game started Requires sv_cheats 1 display_game_events Default: 0 Requires sv_cheats 1 dlight_debug Creates a dlight in front of the player Requires sv_cheats 1 Client only command dm_reset_spawns Server only dm_togglerandomweapons Turns.Requires sv_cheats 1 Server only nav_check_connectivity Checks to be sure every (or just the marked) nav area can get to every goal area for the map (hostages or bomb frank herbert's dune game site).RockPaperShotgun (September 14th, 2010).