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Fallout 1 high resolution patch

fallout 1 high resolution patch

V1.5 23/08/08 Disabled auto scrolling which was causing view to become stuck in some maps Fixed - NPC should now appear in the dialog view window unless they are off the screen.
V3.0.3 24/09/11 Fixed a bug which could pdf to excel file converter cause the game to crash if one of the vault water level warning videos were played.
V2.2 10/08/09 Iface-sides Metal art has been updated with a browner look to match the f1 interface better(created by Simon Rawlins(Pixote).Added Russian translation pdf pistol manual viewsat text for the Screen Settings Window (g).Various other minor tweaks and fixes.Map now hidden when displaying Ending Slideshow Maps now hidden when displaying Help Screen Scroll distance from player now adapts to the chosen resolution.Fixed the 'Saved Game Image' when using Quick Save.V2.2b 09/10/09 Fixed a mistake I made adding "Fallout Restoration Mod" support which caused other fallout versions to stop working.Fixed a bug causing text in the interface-bar console to be cropped if a word was longer than the console width.Added button to f2_res_Config.Dock map now hidden when displaying Ending Sideshow.Multiple edge sets can now be set up on a single poulan pro pp3516avx service manual map level.Fixed the default scroll distance from the PC to equal the original distance when using 640x480.V4.0.1 29/09/12 Fixed some dodgy code that may have been causing a crash when entering a map after adjusting hi-res settings.Removed the need to hold down a key when scrolling map view area.New setting in the f2_i file -iface_BAR_mode- This setting can be used to raise the viewable map area to the top of the Interface-Bar if desired.V3.0.1 06/06/11 Fixed crashing when scrolling beyond the map hex grid.Centred Elevator Panel Added compatibility for other regional versions of the fallout2.exe.