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Fix a cracked rim

fix a cracked rim

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The small crack was m1 garand rifle manual actually a large crack with the the surface being higher on one side and causing the lip of the wheel to have a high spot where it ripped and bent.
I started by grand theft auto cheats 4 ps2 installing a gas lens kit on the TIG 200 torch and turning the gas flow up a bit so I could get the best possible gas coverage over the weld puddle.This meant I had to add some weld as to those low spots.This instructable is dedicated to: Alloy Wheels on cars.We desire to provide the highest level of quality and service to you, our customer.Depending on how extensive your damage is and how long youre hammering, you may need to reheat the area periodically.You're telling me this guy never lost his temper until his late 20s?I found the magic setting on this job was downloaded windows updates wont install right around -3 for clearance effect, pedal set to 160 amps max, a 3/32 purple E3 electrode, #8 Gas lens cup, and around 20 CFH for gas flow.The first reason for doing this was to try and burn out any of the dirt, grease, or other impurities that would be on the surface or in the recessed areas that a grinder couldnt easily reach.I used the angle grinder with a grinding stone and put a groove in the crack on either side that was about the depth of a 3/16 filler rod.With classic and specialty cars your wheels could also be obsolete and impossible to replace if you have a damaged wheel.By heating the metal it will tend to bend back into shape and not tear further.Remember when you hilariously booted the little person off the plane?If you see dirt floating in the puddle or a dark brown or black halo around the weld puddle you may be able to bump the clearance effect a little more positive.These particular low spots only took one pass of filling and sanding, but yours may take more.