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Fliton mini inspire manual

fliton mini inspire manual

Got so high I could barely see it and took over 6 minutes to get it back down.
It winch launches well, but you have of powerpoint 2007 full version to be gentle with.
The build itself is very fast and straightforward, as a true 95 pre-built ARF should.
Shannon Diablotin XL Thanks for the Diablotin.Went to HiTec 645MG for elevator and OS 91 FX (2cyc) takes it vertical and allows great prop hangs.I by Great Planes AXI 5320/28, TP6000 8S3P batteries, 19 x 8 prop The plane weighs about 10 lbs I cut-out the cockpit floor, so the batteries can be taken in and out without disassembling anything.You can see it sits slightly low in the water, but I think it will work.That power combination turned out to be a little heavy and I may change it later but it is fine for now and has great performance.The third model is meant for doing lazy circles in the sky.If you have any Esprit Model decals to spare, I would be proud to put them on my Funtana.Did I mention that it flies great and has great vertical performance.Here are all the collected parts in my truck.Fliton Inspire Mini Parkflyer ARF.Carbon Pushrods (Elevator Rudder FRP Landing Gears 3" Velcro Strip, Servo Slots, Sealed Covering Much More!I don't have much flying time on it yet, but it really works well with the RFM 17x13 prop on 20 cells.