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Game high school musical 3

game high school musical 3

Back at East High later on Throughout the show, two representatives from Julliard continually are accessing the various performances, and both seem quite impressed when Troy finally comes in, singing to crack para call of duty 4 multijugador Gabriella.
At Stanford, Gabriella comes out of a university building, only to see what looks like Troy's pickup truck in the parking lot ahead of her.
Troy and Chad are next seen pushing Troy's smoking pickup truck in front of Troy's house, where a huge party is being held to celebrate the Wildcat win.About and Legal, disney, All Rights Reserved, Disney Channel.Taylor and Gabriella congratulate them on kissing up to the editors of the yearbook, and Troy teases that Chad is hoping to have two pages fully to himself, with a third page solely for his hair.This is further complicated by his dad and his friends who want him to choose basketball instead of singing.When the word had been spread, the Wildcats finally forgive him, after he apologizes.He eventually loses the trust of all the Wildcats including Gabriella.Bet on It He then confronts Sharpay, and tells her he isn't going to sing in the show with her.Disney Channel's smash hit movie musical comes to life on your stage!He is also quite smart and aware, and according to Chad and the other Wildcats in High School Musical 2, he is the guy who "usually knows what's up". .Sharpay uses this to her advantage, giving troy easier jobs so he can spend more time with her.High School Musical 3: Senior Year manual instrucciones calculadora casio fx-350es Close up of Troy Bolton in the middle of the big championship game against the West High Knights basketball team.When he finishes, he sees Miss Darbus sitting there.
Chad tries to ask Taylor to be his date, but she pretends to misunderstand because of all the noise.
He is an optimist, though slightly naïve.