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Added version string to uninstall information.
Added recommended to other Get the anypic jpg to pdf converter full Time page options, for reasons similar to the above change.
DTAudit Added ability to change Daily Report filename extension.
then services you have set to manual start will not be started.Note that management requests addressed to all domains are not part of the PTPv2 specification chicago electric owners manual (although they will likely be part of v3 this functionality is included in Domain Time in emulation of PTP's "all clock identities" and "all clock ports" concepts.This value is used for all icmp tests, and for most scanning and timecheck waits.Corrected deltas between NTP reference source when the audit machine's own time was off (this change also affects Manager).Improved handling of derived stratum changes when using samples from multiple sources with different strata.Audit Server - Daily Reports - Configure menu item.Manager Changed wording on Audit Server/Alerts/Configure page to say "anomalous test results" instead of "anomalous scan results" because the double-check occurs for both NTP and DT2 sources after obtaining a result, whether it was obtained from either a scan or a directed query.Domain Time Server in the slave role reported itself as level 3, on the assumption that it got its time from a Domain Time Server Master.If enabled, measured latencies greater than the value specified (in hectonanoseconds will be reported as the value of the cap.Added real-time alert history settings to Real-Time Alert configuration dialog.This produces a rudimentary comma-separated-value output file containing the contents of Manager's database.Fixed problem with unnecessary registry values being created by several of Manager's tools.A few minor OEM changes, and one obscure bug fix.So, for example, if Domain Time obtains its time from a PTPv2 grandmaster directly, it will report itself as stratum.If unchecked, negative values come before positive values.Log with a text editor) to see the errors or warning messages.DTServer/DTClient Added dynamic reset of outgoing socket TTL (IPv4) and hop count (IPv6) when changed on the Control Panel applet (former versions required a service restart).Be sure you include the Delta column, which shows the variance information.This change allows the server to warn clients ahead of time as if they were using PTP or NTP directly.
Customer request: Added snmp trap from Audit Server upon successful completion of an audit with no errors snmp traps from Audit Server are free-form text.
Note that this will also clear the machine's drift graph data, so if you are using Audit Server to collect this information for historical purposes, be sure you have run a recent calculo apostol portugues pdf Audit before clearing the data.