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Gnu tar manual pdf

gnu tar manual pdf

Gzip edit gzip compresses files.
Reporting Bugs Report bugs.Tar # Extract all files from archive.Tar from files foo and bar.Third edition, O'Reilly and Associates.The first argument to tar must be one of the options Acdrtux, followed by any optional functions.Cpio or tar and then this single file is compressed (e.g.Links: zcat edit zcat is same thing as uncompress -c, though on many systems it is actually same as "gzcat" and gunzip -c.This man page was first taken from Debian Linux and has since been loving updated here.License kiwi cat tools 3.4 0 GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3 or later.Slackware packages use the latter convention.Updated: Date: 2016/05/16 19:05:43 Author: gray.Using ls to create an archive (verbosely) with all doc-files in the current directory: ls *.doc cpio -ov word-docs.