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Gta 4 lose wanted level cheat xbox 360

gta 4 lose wanted level cheat xbox 360

No More Strangers (5 points Meet all random characters.
In North Bohan near the police station.Approach it from the southeast.Raise Wanted Level, add one star to Niko's wanted level., change Weather, select from eight different weather types.When you get close to the alley, a circle called "friend" will appear.You will not be able to catch up with him.If they make it, they drive off, and you have to chase them kodak c743 user manual down.Alonso Goralski Crime: Burglary Location: There are two people at the airport.Antoinio Rivette Crime: Racketeering Location: He and his friends hide in the train station at South Slopes.The next level is clear.Frederick Harrison Crime: Grand Theft Auto Location: He and his friends hide in Tudor, near the old bridge.Cop names During the intermission sequence for the "I'll Get Her" mission, look closely behind Gerry Mcreary.Voodoo Reward: 6,600 Location: Dukes, East Island City.Lino Friddell Crime: Hit and Run Location: He and two of his friends are close to Middle Park.Successfully complete all 30 vehicle thefts to get an additional.You will then only have to spend time driving to the garage in south Bohan.Cheat mode, while playing the game, press Up to display Niko's cell phone.
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