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Hills hoist instruction manual

hills hoist instruction manual

Side slopes are addressed later in Section.6.
Facing the saab 9-3 service repair manual pdf ramp, pop a wheelie.
Propel forward down ramps of increasing steepness with a spotter until you can no longer descend it independently with confidence.Going Up a Ramp, put your anti-tippers crack colorful dvd creator 6.2.1 down in a functional position before ascending a ramp, because if the ramp is steep, your wheelchair may tip over backward.Zig-zagging down a ramp can help slow you down enough to maintain control.Propel your wheelchair forward onto the ramp, shifting your weight back to avoid falling forward out of the chair.Whatever your indoor and outdoor line drying needs Hills has a clothesline that will work for you.Prevent the wheelchair rider from tipping sideways.Site by Watermelon Web Works.Set out to engineer the.Come out of the wheelie after you regain level ground at a landing or the bottom of the ramp.When you are on level ground, ask your assistant to lower you out of the wheelie position.Experiment with both to see which technique works best for you.Allow the pushrims to slide through your grasp, applying pressure to reduce speed or reducing pressure to increase speed.Using momentum, gather as much speed as you can before you reach the base of the ramp so your momentum can help propel you up the ramp.Others can use their feet to propell themselves backward up a ramp.A lower wheelie with less gripping pressure will increase your speed.Maintaining the wheelie position, roll forward onto the ramp.Section.5, ramps, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (adaag a standard ramp should have a grade no steeper than 1:12.This technique will not work for someone who does not have lower back musles.Hills Rotary, Folding Frame, Retractable, Drying Racks, Laundry Trolley and the new Hills Cordomatic all come with a Peace-of-Mind Guarantee.Always obtain assistance when you do not feel comfortable descending a ramp independently.Hazmat Rescue Solutions, innovative products designed specifically for Hot Zone and casualty rescues requiring Level A protection.