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Is it ok to crack my ankle sprain

is it ok to crack my ankle sprain

Ankle sprain treatment, iCE should immediately be applied after a hp f300 scanner software sprain of the ankle.
Dr B Left leg chronic daily pain and atrophy Not rated yet Orthopedist put me in a boot for right Achilles tendinitis.
Also, you may feel differently than I did. .It will then need to be cast for 6 weeks.After those muscles started getting stretched out, it hurt on the side where I broke the bone. .Both a cast and a boot can provide adequate protection to the ankle. .The cast or boot is worn until the fracture is fully healed, which usually takes two to three months.What ankle sprain Not rated yet Sprained ankle.Want to pose a question?Put your foot up, higher than your waist, at least three times a day with ice. .Do them every day at least twice, but three times is even better.Not for long and not too hard, but I did. .It regularly catches her in the sacroiliac joint, so she has a treatment once a month that sorts it out.