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Kenwood tk 370 user manual

kenwood tk 370 user manual

The ignition function lets you turn the power to the Power on/off verizon wireless pn-820 smartphone manual and Horn Disable Enable be connected transceiver on and off with the car ignition key.
Service manual 2000-5 printed IN japan, supplement ( b N 1268.
RX TX Test Mode Operating Features 1 None None This transceiver has a test mode.When the switch is treaded on, the radio enters the emer- gency mode.Eeprom The tuning data (Deviation, Squelch, etc.) for.Description parts nation parts nation C136 CC73GCH1H040C chip.0P,M C208 CC73GCH1H060D chip.0P3 C138 CK73FB1E104K chip.10U208 CC73GCH1H070D chip.0P,M C139,140 CK73GB1H471K chip C 470P209 CC73FCH1H050C chip.0P,K3,M C141 C electro 47UF 25WV C210 CK73GB1H103K chip.010U142,143 CK73GB1H471K chip.Ne sont pas fournis.This service manual mainly covers TK-860G K2, M2 and TK-862G.Power Meter Input Impedance 50 Operation Frequency 400 to 520MHz or more Measurement Capability Vicinity of 100W.When parts are changed, program the data again.Hold SCN key un- 3.0Hz.0Hz til test channel.Description parts nation parts nation C73 CC73GCH1H101J chip C 100P813-816 RK73GB1J473J chip R 47K J 1/16W C74,75 CK73GB1H471K chip C 470P802 MA2S111 diode C77 C chip-ELE 22UF 16WV K,K2,M IC801 LC75833W IC (LCD driver) C77 C chip-ELE 22UF 16WV M2 Q801-803 DTA114EKA digital transistor C78.Turn the master TK-860G power ON with the key held down.Standard Signal Generator Frequency Range 400 to 520MHz (SSG) Modulation Frequency modulation and external modulation Output 127dBm/0.1 V to greater than 7dBm/100mV.To enter test mode, 2 None 100Hz square press SCN key and turn power.The transceiver disables mic.The key, and "SCN" key.Y: aafes (Europe) X: Australia M: Other Areas Teile ohne Parts.Change the power switch circuit R705 TX-RX unit play games of grand theft auto vice city (B/2) : Control section R705 : Attach (R, 0 ) TX-RX unit (A/2) : RF section R142 : Remove (RK73GB1J473J, 47k ) SET Once the transceiver is modified, it cannot be turned on and.Remote/TXD MIC hook/RXD CM.Y: PX (Far East, Hawaii) T : England E : Europe Les articles non mentionnes dans le Parts.Description parts nation parts nation C518 CC73GCH1H270J chip C 27P598 CK73GB1H102K chip C 1000P519 CK73GB1H102K chip C 1000P599 CC73GCH1H101J chip C 100P520 CK73GB1C104K web menu builder software chip.10U600 CK73GB1H102K chip C 1000P521 CK73GB1H102K chip C 1000P601,602 CC73GCH1H101J chip C 100P522 C chip-TAN.7UF.3WV C603 CK73GB1.