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Leatherwood art scope manual

leatherwood art scope manual

Interchangeable size rollers for more cambridge iowa pumpkin patch precise calibration.
Military found itself losing servicemen to Viet Cong snipers who had the home field advantage in terrain that was, to say the least, difficult.
All these models come with the enlarged erector/turret housing to make these the brightest 1" diameter scopes available today.Additionally, there are ranging scales that can be used to frame known sized targets by adjusting the magnification.My first experience with a long-range tactical scope was a lot like that like something out of a Marx Brothers routine.There is an opening at the center of the reticle that can be used to frame and range a known 1/2 meter sized target.By using a series of ten moveable indicators or flags, the shooter can set the range zero points himself.The Top-Angle Focus Adjustment Patent is applied and Pending.A child of five would understand this.The CAMputer system automatically compensates for both bullet trajectory and range.Product Information, xLR Reticle, xLR Reticle Description - The XLR reticle is a second focal plane reticle that is based in Mil Radians.Ensures coat is wear resistant and protects exterior from scratches.External Windage Adjustment - The M1200 ART scope mount has built-in elevation adjustment.Its turrets are unique, too, with the ability to save five different zeroes for a multitude of rounds (target and hunting ammo, for example).The artii Automatic Ranging and Trajectory scope is the military version, which was installed on M14s during the Vietnam war.You can fine-tune the cam based on changes in elevation or temperature.Power 6X-24X, Object lens 50, Exit Pupil Range.5 - 2, EYE Relief.25", Length.5", Short Reticle Ranging XLR Reticle, Elevation Adjustment 1/4 (MOA), Short Feature Auto Ranging Trajectory, XLR reticle, FOV 12' - 4', Coating Diamond Tuff14.TP730X50MD Leatherwood / Hi-Lux Optics ATR Top Angle Professional 7 - 30x50 30mm Mil Dot Reticle: Specifications Power: 7X-30X Obj.It works by combining a variable power zoom ring locked to a caliber-specific cam and hinged base.There are about 20 minutes for initial zeroing.Gunlocker, gunVault, leatherwood, optics, leupold, leupold binocular s, nightForce Scopes.Part III well head out to the big range to see how well it ranges and compensates for shots out to 600 yards.The Uni-Dial is designed to solve the problem.
Armys FM 23-10 Sniper Training Manual still covers operation and maintenance of the scope. .