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Manual de usuario garmin etrex legend hcx

manual de usuario garmin etrex legend hcx

The display is a 256 color TFT and is 176x200 pixels.
One bug involves an issue with BirdsEye mapping and imagery staying the same (enabled/disabled) across all profiles. .
Select between GPS only or gpsglosnass gpsglonass GPS Only.Display Display allows you to select between the daytime (bright look) and nighttime, (reverse look) and if it should automatically switch between sunset and sunrise, which is the default.Backlight There is a backlight available.Profiles, there is the profiles option, which allows you to switch the settings instantly, depending on your activity or mapset you want to use. . This is how you bring up the different function pages, which are summarized below.Geocache You can set up the icons for geocaching and whether you want the calendar to store the date of when you found a specific geocache.The eTrex 20/30 both support Garmin's aerial image product BirdsEye and along with. (This data is lost if you delete the waypoint however).Page Sequence This is a nice feature, which allows you the option of only selecting which pages you want and which order. You can adjust this by date, if you want to know sunset a month from now. This is until you turn the electronic compass on and your speed is less than five miles per hour, which will activate the electronic compass.
Hardware Features The VistaHCx is a rugged unit and can handle the basic conditions of the outdoors.
Software Updates Garmin has made some improvements to the VistaHCx during our testing, including crack file for cricket 2002 upgrading the GPS chipset, issues regarding failure to properly calculate distance with the odometer and a few other issues.
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