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Manual of arms 18th

manual of arms 18th

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Dry (use blow dryer if desired to avoid rust in tight spaces then lightly oil, then reassemble (see below).
The US later commissioned the 1795 Springfield musket based upon the Charleville design. .Replacement may be needed in as few as 20 shots or as many as 150 shots. .Don't forget to keep all screw threads lubricated, especially after cleaning with water.Dangerous Muzzleloading Practices Gunflint Sharpening Gunflint Sharpening Gunflint Sharpening Gunflint Making 1 Gunflint Making 2 "If you have a hard frizzen and matched main and feather springs, a flint will last 100 strikes." Al Potyen, experienced reenactor, electronics lab manual university 2VA Regt, nwta General Musket Information Manual.Here is a quick list to disassemble (Pedersoli reproduction model pictured above. .If 20 each 85 grain shots were used per battle, with four battles per event, a two-day, four-battle event would require a pound of powder.To assemble/reassemble (Charlesville pistol reproduction model pictured above. .It's been reported that.Common for musketeers to fire three shots and then charge with the bayonet to hopefully make the enemy break, run, or otherwise flee the field. .They have replied that they thought they were generally sure of splitting a mans head at 200 yards, for so they termed their hitting the head. .Realize that the tactics at the time were a result of the technology available, with tactics normally following but sometimes inspiring technology. .The Manual of Arms for the Musket was a pre-war manual used for heavy infantry.Lightly oil the outside of the barrel.Usual rate is three shots or even just two shots per minute. .
After each battle in an event (series or weekend of battles use a pick pan brush and clean towel to remove powder residue from lock, stock, and barrel. .