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Massive crowd simulation software

massive crowd simulation software

Pour avoir une simulation réaliste de foule, ce programme est un système multi-agents qui donne une intelligence artificielle pré-programmée à chaque agent.
Responsibilities Adds value to all work wherever possible, while ensuring work is completed on time and to specification.Extensive experience in performance analysis and optimization of highly parallel, scalable systems.The Mocap Support Engineer supports the underlying infrastructure for the onsite Mocap stage and any onset Mocap stages.Working in a flexible team environment a Senior Creature TD with rigging focus is responsible for developing rigging modules and building and rigging puppets.Manage workload by tracking and maintaining tasks.Ability to convey and incorporate ideas across multiple disciplines * Proactive, Flexible and Collaborative approach to work.We have some great projects heating up and are looking for Senior animators for high level Animation development work based.General knowledge of rigging principles and character setup applicable to crowd agents.A solid foundation in software engineering, including object-oriented programming.We are looking for someone smart and dedicated with a passion for managing technical projects day to day in an exciting and high-tech environment.You will be the point of contact for the day-to-day issue management for developers and assist our developers in enabling their success by providing creative solutions to challenging technical issues.We develop both standalone applications and plugins for existing packages such as Maya and Motion Builder.Performance Animation / Editing Motion includes: Repairing contacts and interaction between Non-destructive modification of motion to work with the requirements of the shot including staging, spatial and timing adjustments according to directors and supervisors feedback.Requirements and skills: 3 years experience in facial animation on feature films or AAA video games ability to analyse and understand the facial performance and recreate it on the character knowledge of maya knowledge of facs and basic facial anatomy good communication skills team player.Please fill out the online questionnaire at /jobs and send your resume to us at: Apply for the job Production Coordinators Role - Responsible for coordinating all matters as required facilitating efficient running of the Show or Department.The candidate would also need good people skills and be somebody who gets satisfaction from supporting the goals of the animation team while not necessarily animating a large number of shots themselves.Needs to Be Organised and able to use initiative Confident clear communicator Sharp and resilient Calm and personable under pressure Able to handle confidential material Able to multitask Good attention to detail Comfortable dealing with all levels of the organization Able to juggle best leather couches cracked priorities.Job Description: The Department Manager is responsible for overseeing all scheduled work, managing the department crew and production team.Required Qualifications - Masters.You'll have a firm grasp of modern tools for source control, be comfortable working with a variety of data stores and developer services.
They coordinate multiple storage tiers, are constantly available, and must handle the ever-increasing scale of our production processes.
Along with the FX HOD ensures that the work produced meets the companys standards and expectations.