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Meco water smoker manual

meco water smoker manual

Laying the foil packets directly on the element can create hot spots, causing premature failure of the element.
Wrapping them in foil as already mentioned Throwing them in loose Buying a separate wood chip pan These methods will all work but the tin method works well if you dont want to waste your foil or buy anything additional for your smoker.If you must use an extension cord, use as short an extension as possible of adequate capacity - at minimum 12 gauge, 10 gauge preferred.There are gaps that allow for more than enough updraft to allow the smoke to escape.If you cook too cool, you may be serving undercooked meat (always verify doneness with a meat thermometer).Even though more it's expensive, it's well made and provides precise temperature control.There really is no comparison.Food cooked in a charcoal smoker simply tastes different than any other kind of food cooked using different cooking methods.There are many popular choices for.Unlike the usual charcoal smoker, you can set it and forget it with an electric smoker, making them designed for your convenience.Most folks that love smoked foods know that smoking is commonly used for fish and meats but they dont know that smokers can even be used to make dried fruits.You can fill the can with the dry Wood chips right from win 8 crack torrent the bag, and then you can bend the lid back down to close it up a bit.Remove Meats to Rest, experiment with different types of smoker wood for different flavors.When it dropped down to 210 degrees I made an executive decision to do what made sense and finish it in the oven.To place the can into the Smoker, use a pair of long tongs and set the can upright on the lava rock in between the coils.