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Mitel superswitch sx-20 manual codes

mitel superswitch sx-20 manual codes

01 MS55-MR SA G07.13 lcftnwhsdr SX50 KSU with cover 1 KSU with: QTY.
1332023AA 2 interface adaptor assy # lcftnormisc SX 50 1 pocket reference guide booklet lcftnormisc KSI-19 1 tone intercom CM8419E lcftnormisc CM1470 01 mitel CM1470 lcftnormit21 manuals: TOP SX-100/SX-200 1 SX-100/SX-200 ATT.Console guide NEW.B 2 mitel console lcftnorcon SA 3 BAY PSU REV.To configure MWI on a mitel superswitch: Enable Auxiliary Attendant capabilities, configure Personal Key 02 (see, figure 8 ) to act as to act as an Attendant Console Message Waiting Indicator key.Mitel superset 420 Display Keys Pressing Display Keys The PBX Integration board can respond to a prompt and "press" the appropriate Display Key using the dx_dial( ) function.Alphanumeric Display The alphanumeric display is a 32-or 80-digit LCD that is used to show: date and time when the extension is idle SuperKey instructions and Softkey labels during programming and feature access call status messaging information telephone system error messages saved numbers (speed dialing).Example An application uses the dx_dial( ) function to press the "SuperKey" key and "Display Key 1" for "Yes" on a specified channel on the PBX Integration board to display the call forwarding extension.Practices manual lcftnormit SX-100/SX-200 SET OF 5 QTY.MP 912BA power converter lcftnormit21 1 EA.2 universal SA QTY.1 with/.SS 4 lens kits.The PBX Integration board can, however, "press" the Display Keys on both telephones.Lcftmorcomm ivory console receiver dual lcftmorcomm NEW lexmark x1270 printer installation software trunk circuit (4-trunk) NA 2 NEW BAY W/ cable SET E M 2 trunk lcftmorcomm E M trunharger receiver quad lcftnorcom dual receiver lcftmorcomm remote control - pabx lcftmorcomm GEN.01 L/W 16 ENH module QTY.Phone oklet 4 sets.