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Niles zr-4630 manual pdf

niles zr-4630 manual pdf

Quick and Easy Programming with PC Archiving.
Summary of Contents for Niles Niles ZR-4630.
The Numeric Accessory Keypad Module - The Numeric Accessory Keypad Module can be included along with the Solo Master Keypad Module in any or all zones.
The Solo Master Keypad Module connects to theZR-4630with a home run offour-pairtwisted cable, terminated withRJ-45connectors.An IR Sensor can be included in any zone and connects directly to the Solo Master Keypad Module (see the Installation section of this manual for more details).Related Manuals for Niles Niles ZR-4630.Athree-wiretoRJ-45adapter is available from Niles (see Accessories) for IR Sensors installed withtwo-conductorshielded cable rather thanfour-pairtwisted cable.Connections are made to theZR-4630sspeaker output terminals utilizing gold plated, dual banana plug spaced, fiveway speaker binding posts.Each zone on the ZR-4630has a correspondingRJ-45keypad connector that is used to connect one Solo Master Keypad Module.Flasher Outputs, niles MF1 MicroFlashers connect to the numbered flasher outputs on the rear panel of the NilesZR-4630MultiZone Receiver.See Connections on page 44 for more information.Each Master Key on the Solo Master Keypad Module and its respective source component are programmable with a sequence of IR commands.A complex mix of various brand audio/video components can be operated with ease and simplicity when using the ZR-4630.Important Note: TheZR-4630does not provide individual operation of identical source components when using a source components factory remote through an IR Sensor (see Identical Source Components on page 41 for more details).Elegant and Intuitive User Interfaces, the Solo Master Keypad Module - The Solo Master Keypad Module is an elegant, single gang, complete control solution for stom labeled Master Keys provide complete system activation and source selection, while a complete set of cursor keys provides basic.One touch of a Master Key or Source Button initiates the ZR-4630MultiZone Receiver to perform a sequence of IR commands for complete automation of your distributed A/V system.Thank you for your help!Each Solo Master Keypad Module can be mated with one optional Numeric Accessory Keypad Module using an included jumper cable (see Connections, Figure 33).In addition, a source components actual IR commands (i.e., provided by the components original remote control or a learning remote control programmed with these IR commands) can be used with the IR sensor to control the source components.Keypads and IR Sensors, keypads and IR sensors enable the user to control the Niles ZR-4630MultiZone Receiver and its connected source components.