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Nora oilheat technician manual

nora oilheat technician manual

The oil valve is powered and opens.
After completion of the valve-delayon cycle, the control goes into trial for ignition.
If the test is not successful, the control repeats the test until successful.When a call for heat is initiated, the amber LED turns on and there is a 3 to 4 second delay while the control performs a safe start check.85.00, basic Oilheat Technicians Manual For introductory Oilheat burner and service training; also for nora Silver Certification.If common chinese characters pdf no flame is sensed and all internal conditions are correct, the LED turns off and the control enters toast 9 titanium crack valvedelay on mode.The test continues for 6 more seconds will steam games still in sleep mode and, if successful, the amber light turns off.Flame should be established within the trial for ignition period of 15 seconds.Asin: B0018T8OHI, category: General Construction, tags: national oil research alliance, nora, oilheat.The 50200 is connected in the same way as earlier interrupted-ignition cad cell relays: The black wire connects to the limit control The white wire connects to all neutrals The blue wire connects to the igniter or transformer The orange wire connects to the burner.After about 4 seconds, the amber LED comes.356 pp in a complete firm cover spiral bound textbook.If the flame is not sensed by the end of trial for ignition, the control goes into lockout, the red LED comes on and the dry alarm contacts close.The control must be manually reset by pushing the reset button for one second and releasing.Once that cycle is completed, the control returns to standby mode.The new edition is a complete upgrade from the prior manual and is in full-color with concise text and numerous how-to and step-by-step instructions with diagrams and photos.