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Rexroth manual production systems

rexroth manual production systems

They support and promote the efficiency of your staff and help them maintain their health.
Custom Workstations: People Flow, our bolt-together Aluminum Framing system and ergonomic workstations combine with a complete range of bins, shelves, balancers and lights to build the most ergonomic, the most flexible, the most productive system available.The easy interlinking of workstations gives you maximum resource flexibility by allowing workers to move freely from station to station.Using components to make information available on-hand, you provide all important information right at the workstation and in production.The T-slotted aluminum frame lets you position anything you need exactly where you need.With its profiles of variable length, the Vario grab containers enable you to place materials of varying volumes and amounts easily and compactly in the tightest of spots.The electrically height-adjustable workstations offer particularly simple and smooth adjustment of working heights.XLean, the flow rack system XLean consists of a steel profile and rollers with or without a roller flange.Clear design: Thanks to colored rollers in the conveyor tracks (kanban).Flow Rack Systems, reduce your inventories with an efficient material supply system.Individually designed workstations ensure: Targeted and optimized use of capacities.Workstation accessories, workstation accessories create a functional workstation layout and can be used at any station, increasing the efficiency of your workers.Workstation lighting, rexroths system lamp range provides glare and flicker-free light of the highest quality (quality class A crack for zone alarm 5.0 according to DIN 5035-T2).Electrostatic charges develop as a result of electric charging that is generated by friction on various materials or by induction in electric fields.You can choose from custom products, which enable you to put together the perfect solution using numerous parameters.They provide defined storage spaces, support work processes, and ensure optimum transparency and ergonomics.
From an ergonomic aspect, the main focus is on the worker.
Content, workstations, with MPS, you can flexibly design your own individual workstation solution.