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Roland rs 9 keyboard manual

roland rs 9 keyboard manual

As with the SH-09, a price of under 100,000 in Japan (roughly 450) propelled this synths popularity.
The juno series was always popular for its string and bass sounds, and still is to this day.
The case was made somewhat smaller, and it could play two voices, taking advantage of the two VCOs.
2001: SH-32 After 20 years in retirement, the SH prefix was revived.Creating sounds was made simply by using a PG-1000 external controller that enabled manipulation of edit parameters in real time.2004: Fantom-XR The stunning sound of a Fantom-X workstation in a 1U rack module, the Fantom-XR provides room for over 1GB of sounds when fully expanded with six SRX cards and dimms for user sampling.For further realism, Korg added four Fills, Break, three Intros and three Endings to enhance your atomic cloud 6 instruction manual performance.A limiter and final 4-band parametric EQ have been added to the sound output of the Pa600.This innovation created an infinite range of sound creation possibilities.2000: XV-5080 The top-of-the-line XV module, it had the highest-performance sound generator of its time, as well as a smorgasbord of attractive features, including Matrix Control and sample playback via simm.It could hold up to two SRX-series and four SR-JV80-series sound expansion boards.It had a selection of preset tones to choose from, and control functions to give the user freedom when producing sounds.1982: juno-6 This 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer used a DCO per voice to generate sound.Styles: The Pa600 delivers a set of deluxe styles, programmed by some of the leading arrangers in the world, each of whom worked according to their musical strengths.Although Roland analog keyboard synthesizers have 1V/1oct VCOs, this one uses Hz/V.2009: AX-Synth The battery-powered AX-Synth is an eye-catching 49-key remote keyboard with a high-quality sound generator onboard.2010: juno-Gi, what propels this power-synth into another realm, however, is its supercharged feature set with over 1,300 fresh sounds, an onboard eight-track digital recorder, and pro effects created by boss.It also features new Roland technologies, Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) and Scatter Effects.While low priced, it allowed expansion boards to be installed, adding extra sounds and voices The separately sold VE-JV-1 provided the synth-engine equivalent of the JV-1000.In addition to a backing function as a composition-support tool, the JW-50s ease of editing tones made for an appealing instrument.It could hold up to four expansion cards (two SRX series and two SR-JV80 series).Check them out, they are a lot of fun!