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Schweizer 2-33 flight manual

schweizer 2-33 flight manual

Understanding the Flight Envelope The FAA required design flight envelope is presented on the following page.
The 2-33 limit load factor.67 should not be exceeded in operation.
Wheel brake may be used if a quick stop is desired or necessary.Stalls: Are very gentle and always straight ahead with no tendency to go off to either direction.Side of trailer.).The speed for maneuvering with caution occurs where "G" loading from an abruptly moved control meets the.67 limit load factor.For N232AK see the.Remove the rear tail wheel bracket-to-trailer jack attachment, bolt and support fuselage.Maintenance of the ratchet lock trim system is limited to maintaining security of attachments and periodic lubrication, with special attention to the spring-cartridge, per codes "A" and "B Page 2-5 of the Erection and Maintenance Instructions section of this manual.Thus, on the graph, the diagonal hatched area indicates speeds at which you must use caution in maneuvers.Aerobatics should not be done without previous instruction in two-place aircraft.Overall dimensions are: Length - 25' 9".Above the ground at 43 crack fix v2 skidrow call of duty black ops 2 - 46 mph.Wing is mounted on the.The system is integral with the forward control stick and torque tube assemblies.Slipping The SGS 2-33 can be slipped both forward, and while turning.When flying solo, the stalling speed of the 2-33 is 31 mph with dive-brakes closed and 34 mph with dive-brakes open.This will insure that center of gravity will be maintained in flight.Built: 87, design, aspect ratio:.05, airfoil: naca 63(3)-618, 4301 2A, structure: All metal.The diameter of a thermal is normally in thermals quite small, therefore, a fairly steep bank is required. 0 0 Updated 01/17/2014.