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Scotts push reel mower manual 10m9

scotts push reel mower manual 10m9

A small 1/16 of a turn is a major adjustment.
So wait a second!
You can research grass cutting height here.The blade adjustment adjusts how the reel turns inside the mower, keeping the blades cutting properly when the reel turns.If the mower is really hard to push and the blades barely turn, then you might have overtightened the cutter bar against the reel.Dont turn the screws too much!Photos attached for you to see.First you loosen the back screws on each side equally by turning them counterclockwise.The front lip of the catcher has social empires game for pc a thing that pops over that axle.Changing the Cutting Height for the Scotts Classic Reel Lawnmower.To loosen the blades, or move them further away from the cutter bar, heres what you.As I mentioned before, it has a 20 inch wide cut, and a 1 inch minimum cut and extra tall 3 inch maximum cut.To tighten the blades, or move them closer against the cutter bar, heres what you.So youll tighten or loosen one side of the mower to bring it back into alignment.Next, tighten both front screws equally by turning them clockwise.
The Scotts Classic reel mower weighs about 30 pounds, which is very light for a mower of this size.
There is a foam pad that slides onto the top part of the handle where you will be pushing.