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Secret sauce cfa level 1 pdf

secret sauce cfa level 1 pdf

These apps are very complete and you can even adjust them to your reading speed and rearrange your schedule if you miss a study session.
By following his instruction step by step, I was managed to pass Level III.
Plus you only have an hour of break.
NOT to use a, hB Pencils.Some (like me) prefer the TI, others prefer the HP 12C.And I would like to share my experience just so if future.Also, end of chapter questions are very good practice material because the type of questions you will get the day of the exam will be very similar.The textbooks provided by course are very user-friendly by listing out all key points.The CFA Boston Practice Exam provided a fresh perspective to exam preparation with new problems that can only improve performance on test day." "The CFA Boston Practice Exam helped me tremendously in my study process for the CFA Level II Exam.Practice between readings, at the end of each section and on the review period.I saw CFA course of Kaplan as a very useful knight of honor full version german study partner that it help me much easier to prepare for the exam in an efficient way, it has save me a lot of time to understand the broad and heavy study materials as they.You are not expected to dominate 100 of every Learning Outcome Statement (LOS so dont waste your time trying.Less people and cleaner too. Final Review, you should complete all the readings and start the final review at least one month before the exam.Got served the following, so good luck to all taking the exams.Find study partners, but dont study with them all the time as this can become counterproductive.The scanning machine may not read the shaded oval correctly.Lecturer also provided lots of tips for students.Schwesers Secret Sauce is very useful mock exams, reinforcing your weaknesses as identified in the mock exams, etc.Since my job requires a lot of travel, I dont have time on self-reading, Kaplans slidepack, mindmaps book and question books helped me to master all concepts quickly.Remember you have more than 3,000 pages to read plus the practice and review period.
You just need HB Pencils, Calculator and.
Notes just need to bring your own notes or the.