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Setup wm caused a stack fault in module wmpshell.dll

setup wm caused a stack fault in module wmpshell.dll

17.3.8 Conflicting hardware addresses and interrupts PC devices that occupy the same address or interrupt as another device can cause general protection fault and freeze up problems.
17.3.9 Video driver conflict Non standard OEM video drivers can cause problems with FoxPro for Windows. That *should* be fixed by renaming the file internet manager patch gratuit "msdmo.If you get a stack fault error or Internal Inconsistency Error message, delete the associated idx files and re-index.If that clears up the problem use the standard VGA or svga driver in the future.Users have a tendency to load up programs (anti-virus, screen savers, office, etc.) in their start up file and run them in the background.17.3.12 Invalid temp directory At the command prompt type SET Rtn.Setup_WM caused an invalid page fault in module unknown at 0000:00000013.If the free hard disk space is less than 20 Megabytes, you should remove unnecessary files from your hard disk to free up a minimum of 20 Megabytes.Only re-installing the damaged file would correct the problem.To temporarily close any unnecessary program, select the program and clicking on the end task button.Try running pc/MRP by itself to see if the frequency of crashing and or freeze ups is reduced.If your PC has less then 20,000,000 bytes available on disk, delete non essential files on the hard disk to increase the space available on your hard disk.If the Swap file is less than 19000 Kb, select change, if the recommended setting is less than 19000 Kb you should remove unnecessary files from your hard disk and to set the swap file size again.17.3.14 Sleep Mode Disable.3.15 Fragmented Hard Disk Defrag your local hard drive.If scandisk finds errors it can correct the errors, unfortunately in some cases the damage may have already been done (cross linked files) and one or more files may be permanently damaged.17.3.13 Corrupt program files Corrupt index files can cause general protection, illegal operation errors.Marginal network hardware, invalid temp directory, corrupt program files (exe, dbf, idx, mem, frx, frt).17.3.6 Too many programs running at the same time or two programs are conflicting.To stress test the network, go to each workstation and copy the contents of a large directory from the server to the workstation.
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To remove programs permanently from the startup menu, select start, select settings, select taskbar, select start menu programs, select remove, select the box next to the startup directory, select the program to be removed and click on the remove button.