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Shadow of memories cso psp

shadow of memories cso psp

This post is a compilation of games that either work or dont work with the.
Of course, if you want to contribute, all you need to do is post a comment, indicating which games work (or not) and your PSP model and firmware version.
The game is lost if you do not return to the present period for your time of death, or if you are not able to solve what you must do before all of your revivals are up (or at least you will get the worst.Concurso game the walking dead full pc Universal PSP (CSO y ISO) *Bubble Bobble Evolution (CSO) Burnout Legends (confirmed by k121op PSP 3004, PSP Go,.20 TN-C ) *Brothers In Arms D-Day *Capcom Colections (CSO e ISO) *Capcom Remixed (CSO) *Chain of olympus *DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team *Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag.Gti Club Supermini Festa Confirmed by transce (.20 TN-C w/ PSP-Go) Atari Classics Bomberman Gradius Collection Gripshift Initial D Street Stage (JPN) Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble Puyo Pop Fever (JPN) Ridge Racer Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Toca Race Driver 2 Confirmed by Kinseryu (.Genre: Adventure, rating: esrb: T, cero: B, quick Navigation: Game Description Reviews: OverviewControl Eike Kusch as he attempts to change the course of history and stop a mysterious figure from killing him.The, prometheus ISO loader by Liquidzigong is currently at version.1, this makes for some incompatibilities with some of the older (and at times newer) games.Vita iOS, android, noticias, videos, foros, comunidad, portada Noticias Videos Imágenes Análisis Artículos y Reportajes Trucos Todos los Juegos Top100 Tienda Lanzamientos.Y no dude en preguntar por los juegos, hacer preguntas o hacer comentarios.This is a compatibility list for PSP users using.You do not have health, but have to abide by two clocks, one which passes in present time and one that presents the time of the period you currently are.Upload Game Media, games you may like: Suggest an Emulator: This game works best on: Pick an EmulatorWindowsJpcsp - r1772 (7 Votes)ppsspp -.3 (2 Votes)Mac OS XJpcsp - r1772 (4 Votes)Androidppsspp -.3 (1 Vote).Most of the updates youll be seeing are from the comments by other PSP users so youll be getting the most up-to-date information possible.Secciones, noticias, videos, análisis, artículos, trucos y Guías, juegos POR.The game features an ingenious plot and some rather interesting twists on the Adventure genre, multiple endings, and while a bit slow to get going, it evolves into a very interesting and clever set-up doubled with satisfying gameplay.If youre on the following firmwares (.20 TN-A Hen,.20 TN-B Hen,.20 TN-C Hen,.31 Hen,.35 Hen ) then be sure to check out this post for updates.JOE The Rise of Cobra (confirmed by Frankie PSP 3000, PSP Go,.35 PRO) *God of War Chain Olympus God Of War Ghost of Sparta (confirmed by uah PSP 3004,.35PRO and Vega PSP 3000,.35 PRO) *Gottlieb_o *Ghost Recon Predator (USA) ISO *Gran Turismo.Update Feb 04, 2011: added info by: Bl4ckened-ang3l, retro Master, raiden74, maDMAn nozepikka, frankie, vega moved Ace Combat Joint Assault to not working list added Knights in the Nightmare to working list (also on not working list, check fw version) 300 March to Glory (confirmed.Report, uploaded by Wecanseeforever.Todas las descargas están disponibles a través de torrent, es la forma más inteligente para distribuir archivos.Not Working category, be sure to subscribe to our feeds for the latest PSP News.Spending time in other time periods also passes time in the present, and what you do in the past affects the future.Prometheus ISO loader installed, follow this guide: Installing the Prometheus ISO loader on your PSP.
Stonehart rates this game: 4/5.
Cso (US) Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness (confirmed by entropy13 pspgo.35 PRO) Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days (confirmed by entropy13 pspgo.35 PRO) Dragon Ball Shin Budokai 2 (confirmed by uah PSP 3004,.35PRO) *Dragon Ball Evolution (CSO) *Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai *Driver.