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Sniper elite v2 patch 1.03

sniper elite v2 patch 1.03

Trying to enter a password-protected game but entering no password can break menu flow forcing the player to use Alt-F4 to quit.
Dedicated servers should no longer report one of the players as the host.
Its been a special month for the team.
Well continue to monitor your feedback and further improve the game, including dedicated patches for consoles in the near future.SVT-40 should no longer cause desyncs in co-op.DLC weapons in Czech internal control over payroll pdf seem to have lost their names.Patch.11, download available via auto-update, list of changes.Fire in the Church map will no longer cause instant death on one-hit-kill servers.Adding quicksave and quickload shortcut keys (note, you can already save and load at any point via the menus).The patch also addresses a number of known performance issues.Alle Optionalen Ziele, alles über Sniper Eilte 3, für die PC / Steam Version von Sniper Elite 3 kam der Patch.03 und kurz danach gleich eine Bug Fix Version Patch.03a.(0 euro Truck Simulator.Added latency indicators to the scoreboard in multiplayer.Forthcoming fixes (that were too late to be included in this patch Co-op in DLC missions.When dead in multiplayer, input in the game menu will no longer be used to respawn the player.Fix co-op desync when getting on turrets.DLC weapons now have names in Czech again.Attempting to join a passworded server through the Steam overlay or friend invites will now bring up the password entry box.The latest patch is now available, featuring two brand new multiplayer maps for Team Death Match â Opernplatz and Black Market!This will fix stuttering on a limited number of processors.Bleedout countdown notifications should now display correctly for both players in co-op (when difficulty setting allows).
Player names in lobby chat are no longer coloured according to the player's current team.