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Toshiba 57h82 service manual

toshiba 57h82 service manual

These characteristics are often passed unnoticed by a visual inspection and the protection afforded by them cannot necessarily be obtained by using replacement components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc.
Specific informations general adjustments.
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Refer to table-1 for high voltage (A (B).This corresponds.2 milliamp.Replacement parts which have these special safety characteristics are identified in this manual and its supplements; electrical components having such features are identified by the international hazard symbols on the schematic diagram and the parts list.Chapter 1 general adjustments safety instructions.To be sure the set is safe to operate without danger of electrical shock.The high voltage must not, under any circumstances, exceed (B).Information in these files can help you restore, repair, resolve, fix any Toshiba device.Before replacing any of these components, read the parts list in this manual carefully.The picture tube is highly evacuated and if broken, glass fragments will be violently expelled.Excessive high voltage can produce potentially hazardous X-RAY radiation.To avoid such hazards, the high voltage must not be above the specified limit.1500 ohm 10 watt.When replacing a chassis in the cabinet, always be certain that all the protective devices are put back in place, such as; non-metallic control knobs, charles schultz woodstock patch insulating covers, shields, isolation resistor-capacitor network etc.It is important to use an accurate and reliable high voltage meter.AC voltmeter.15ÂF Good earth ground such as a water pipe, conduit, etc.
Measure the AC voltage across the combination of 1500 ohm resistor and.15 ÂF capacitor.
The following are the necessary precautions to be observed before servicing this chassis.