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Volvo penta tamd61a manual

volvo penta tamd61a manual

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2 Clean the inside of the housing.Ft M5.4 M6.4 M8.4 M10.9 M12.0 M14 140 103.3 Angular tightening torque For angular tightening torque the screw union is tightened with a given torque, thereafter further tightening with a predetermined angle.The engine must not be started until the system is vented and entirely filled.38 tamd72WJ-A (12V, 11 Wiring diagrams alternative control system tamd72P-A (12V) 12 for EDC controls 40 tamd72P-A (24V) 13 Wiring diagram water jet control panel.GN Green VO Violet GR Grey W White OR Orange Y Yellow Engines: tamd63L-A, tamd63P-A (12V, 24V).All residue, including ash, can be strongly corrosive.GN Green VO Violet GR Grey W White OR Orange Y Yellow Engines: tamd74C-A/B, tamd74L-A/B, tamd74P-A/B (24V).If work is done adjacent to a running engine, a careless movement or a dropped tool can lead to personal injury in the worst case.This gas is easily ignited and highly volatile.During service work the same agent, or agent with similar properties but of other manufacture, shall be used.Note: On the tamd63, the sea water passes through the after- cooler before it goes to the heat exchanger and the reverse gear oil cooler.The engine designation and number should be stated on all correspondence concerning an engine.Pressure sensor, charge pressure.Risk of blood poisoning (septicaemia).7 Clean all mating surfaces.Tighten the belt using a torque of 60 3 Nm (6.3 kpm).Clean the compressor housing, compressor wheel and shield with paraffin (kerosene) or equivalent.The use of lower quality fuels can damage the engine.Mechanical controls and mechanically operated reverse gear ntrol panel EDC, main control position ntrols, main control position rottle control potentiometer nnector, gear position potentiometer (not used) utral position switch Alternative controls Engine Alternative controls Engine.From the coolant pump, the coolant is pumped out into a gallery in the cylinder block and is then taken round the cylinder liners and further up through the cylinder block.